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This site is all about me, Ninten1, and the things that I like. Let's get a few things straight.
1. If you don't like EarthBound (the greatest game ever created), get out. Go away!
2. If you love EarthBound (the greatest game ever created), stay. Never leave (unless you're going play EarthBound)!
3. If you don't like anime, video games, and other nerdy Japanese stuff, leave now. You have too much of a life!
4. If you do like nerdy Japanese stuff, please stay and bask in it with me.
That's about it.

I am aware that you could care less about me, and that is probably your first and last visit to my site.


The Man!
This man is a demi-god!
Shigesato Itoi (creator of EarthBound)


What's New?

08/17/02 I was Bored... I decided to make this site. It's not done yet so there's some text lying around by default. I'll put up some content soon.


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