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SSB Fantasy League



This page explains what goes on during the league

At the beggining of each season, several fighters are randomly selected by each player. The players must fight with the fighters they chose.

After that, you must register if you want to participate. A date will be posted. Anyone who registers after that date will not be able to play.

Next, the first fight is set-up. A stage will be randomly selected to fight on. Once this has been done, the fight will be posted on the Stadium page. You will register two fighters to make up your team. After five days, the fights will be fought by the players. The results will be posted. You gain points for every fighter on your team that won.

A new stage will be selected, but each player will keep the same fighters they had. The fight will be posted again and you will once again register a team.

Over time, you'll see which player does best with which fighter. You'll also see which stage each player is best and worst on. This gives you a better idea of how to assemble your team.

After every few fights, you must have collected a certain amount of points to continue playing. Those who don't collect enough points won't be able to play untill the next season.

In the end, whoever has the most points wins the tournament and gets some special(and somewhat mysterious)prize. The prize will be announced before each season begins.

That is how the game will work.

The rules may change if problems occur.