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This page explains the four different catagories that you can score in with my (Ninten1) trivia.

Regular Q's
The Regular Q is a basic trivia question with no special strings attached or anything. Just answer it correctly and you'll get a moderate amount of points.
Combo Quiz
The combo quiz will always be a easy question to answer, but the point value always increases by one each time it's updated for the remainder of the week. The first Combo Quiz on a Sunday (unless stated otherwise) will be worth 1 point.
This is one of the week long catagories. It will often require you to do something in the game of SSB or SSBM and take a picture of it using a digital camera an posting the picture. Because it's not open to everyone, the Constructive catagory can only be submitted to if you didn't submit to the Creative catagory.
The Creative catagory is another week long catagory that will be decided by me on my Sunday update. It will often require you to devise a theory, short story, poem, or something else that you can type with a little creativity. Remember, you can't submit to both Creative and Constructive; only one per week.


If you have any suggestions, complaints, or death threats about the way I run the trivia, please send them to and title the email "Chas: site suggestion." Thank you.


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