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Scores | Catagories | Current Trivia the forum's SSB/M Trivia web site. Please disregard the crappy graphics look through this site. You'll find all of the scores, rules, co-host notices, etc. I hope you find this site semi-usefuland not just an overwhelming eyesore. ~Ninten1


[6/14] The site is up...or at least it should be...
The trivia will start on Sunday, the 15th at, the new forum. I was originally going to wait until the fourms shifted completely, but I was swayed to start earlier. I hope this trivia will be a success like it once was.
This site isn't really required for you to participate in the trivia, but it can only help. As of now, the only pages are the Scores and Current Trivia (which still isn't up.) Check them out and please come back.



Itoi wants YOU...

itoi.jpg submit better pictures to this site. Tha Ninten1 guy sucks at making pictures. Send them to and title them "Pic for Chas' Website." Thanks.


Current Pages:

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